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Frequently Asked Questions About DJing

Ok my Gemini XL-500s don’t start fast enough to press the start button and immediately cut to a new song. How do DJ’s cue exactly like this on a table with a slow starting speed? How do I beat mix without a fast start?!?!?!
DJ TuTaChen

Most DJ’s leave the turntable running and slip cue or lock cue the release spot on the record where they want to start the next record. This allows the record to come right up to speed for the next mix or cut. The on-off switch is used as a brake to stop a record suddenly then slam in the next record. Fasting cuing can be obtained by removing the factory rubber slipmat and just using the felt slipmat instead.

What’s going on—–I was just wondering how most people got started DJing??
Get Me Going,

There are many similar s answered on our Bulletin Board so make sure you read them all. Each tip will give you additional info! But to answer your specifically, first you need two turntables and a mixer and amp (or receiver) and speakers—check out some of these packages, or a dual CD Players and a mixer. DJ’s keep the flow of the dancefloor moving by ging back and forth between two music sources. This is possible by using speed control to match the beats between two records or CD’s. Once you master the technique, you start by doing small private parties or making tapes for friends. Before you know it, people will be asking you to do gigs. Check out So You Wanna Be a DJ Video and Understanding Sound Systems Video.

Get Up and Go!

I’m just starting out and it’s sort of hard scrapping up all the cash to get those expensive turntables, amps, and speakers+music+shipping+handling. I don’t want to have five people in my DJ business, so could you suggest a way to get some extra cash without working by butt off!
Great Site Man!
DJ BusTah

Most DJ’s start out by making tapes for friends and family. Also a good way to promote yourself is to give free sample tapes to Hair Salons and Clothing Stores in the neighborhood. Before you know it, yol’ll be getting jobs from the exposure you receive from having your music heard. Depending on how good you are and your choice of music selections on the tapes. Also See other similar s answered on our Bulletin Board!

Good Luck Starting!

Hey, I just got my turntables and I hooked it up all good with everthing. I go to start the turntables but it doesn’t spin. I see the spot that starts spinning when I start it but it is like an inch separation between the spinning mechanism and the metal thing under the table mat. Please Help?
Help me spin!
DJ Whitey

You should go back to the manual and make sure you set up the turntable according to the instructions in the manual. If it’s a belt-driven turntable make sure the belt is wrapped around the bottom of the platter, then around the shaft of the motor. Make sure the platter is down all the way on the spinner.

Hook EM up!

How do you keep the records in good care? What’s the best way to keep your records unscratched?
Keep my records clean,
DJ Demondace

Don’t get your records dirty to begin with! If you handle your vinyl carefully by using the side edges and record label in the center to cue your records this will prevent your fingerprints from getting on the records. A good cartridge will track the the records properly and will cut down on scratching up the records.

Check out our tips page—one of our tips covers this topic in very full detail! Keepin’ em clean!

How do you successfully mix beats? Successful Mixing?

Using the speed control on your turntables, you speed up or slow down each record so that the bass pedal beat of each record is pulsating at the same time. Once you accomplish this you can segue (mix) the two records.

Mix ‘Em!

Hey I ordered turntable, mixer,sampler, drum machine from music factory. But I don’t really know how to practice, how to organize. I need some advice and help. I’m not sure that what I need. Help?….
Learning to DJ,
DJ Jae J.

My first advice is to read all the equipment manuals THOROGHLY. Use the Turntable and Drum Machine to create samples through the mixer. Also, check out the following two videos which may be helpful in getting you started:
So You Wanna Be a DJ Video
Turntable Mechanic Workshop Video

You’ll be DJing real soon!

Hey, I’ve been getting into DJing for a long time, and I wanna find out where to start and all that…. Is there some sorta guide I can look at for the beginners or whatever? and where can I start so I can get some real cheap stuff?
I wanna be a DJ!,

I recommend the So You Wanna Be a DJ Video and the Turntable Mechanic Workshop Video.

The Starter Pckage Plus is the cheapest way to get acquainted with DJing To Get You Started!

Hey, What’s up? I was just wondering how I can balance tonearm/headshell? No matter what I do, I can’t get it right! Could you help me please?
DJ Whitey.

First thing is take rubber slipmat off turntable platter and put on the felt slipmat instead! Then zero out the weight on the back and zero out the “Anti Skating Control”. Put one record on the platter, add wight by turning weight on the back of “Tone Arm” until the Tone Arem is parallel with the height of the record on the turntable. Then add the recommended tracking weight for the cartridge. IE: (3 Grams) . Then add the same amount (3 Grams) to the Anti Skating Wheel. This should help a great deal!

Zero Out the weight!

I was very interested in being a DJ and am wondering what kind of equipment package would be good for a newbie… but would still not be so cheap that I would have to upgrade after using for just a little while. Also what is the benefit of getting a CD mix setup instead of a LP one?
DJ Samuel

One of the most popular packages we have going right now, is the GLI Scratch and Sample Package. It offers a solid equality turntable that will last you throughout your learning stage, plus gives you the sampler to start experimenting with making your own beats.

The advantage of getting a CD setup is that most people already own CDs, whereas with 12″ vinyl/LP’s you would have to start a collection again. Another advantage would be the sound quality. As I’m sure you you are well aware that CD’s are crisper sounding than LP’s. The disadvantage is the LP’s offer a lot more flexibility when you’re mixing or trying to move quickly while throwing a party. Keep Playing Hard!

How do you beat match???
DJ James B.

First you must determine the beats per minute of each record. You can do this with a Beatkeeper or a Beatcouter. Or a stopwatch. Count he number of times the bass pedal beats for 60 seconds and that’s the beats per minute (BPM) of the record. Then you take two records that are within a 6 beat range of each other and either speed up or slow down the records to the same tempo (ie. Record #1, 120 BPM—speed up 2 beats=122) (ie. Record #2, 126 BPM—slow down 4 beats=122).

Match that beat!

I recently put my foot in my mouth put my foot in my mouth and offered to DJ at my sister-in-law’s wedding. Well the funny thing is that I have never DJ’d before. I have no idea where to start. I rented some DJ equipment like a mixer and speakers and I plan to us my CD and Cassatte Decks. I want to keep the crowd going. I also have no idea what kind of music to play. I have mine but they might not like it. Can you give me some pointers. Do I pre-record some selections? PLEASE HELP!!!
DJ Timothy S.

I recommend buying some compilation CD’s like Big Band Frank Sinatra, The Wedding Alvum (contains all the traditional wedding songs). Also the DJ Buddy CD contains all the traditional music you need. A good idea is to make a contemporary mellow tape for the coctail hour and dinner. Find out the Bride and Groom’s Wedding Song and other special requests to be included. Since you’ve already admitted to having a big mouth, talking a lot on the mic will get you through the rough parts! Have fun DJing—Who knows, you might enjoy it so much and become a professional DJ yourself!

Get That Foot Out of Your Mouth!

How much improvement does the Numark Dual CD Player have compared to the Denon 2000 MKIII? Which CD Recorder is most Cost Economical at least most reliable to purchase?
Denon vs New Numark Dual CD Player,
DJ Timothy S.

In my opinion there is no comparison to Denon Products. I’m a little prejudiced due to the fact that I use the Denon 2500F which is a very highly professional unit. However if a budget is an absolute factor, I feel that I can safely recommend the Gemini Dual CD Player currently on special—See www.musicfactory.com as they have it as their featured package of the month at special price now!

Get Your CD Player Now!

I was given a starter DJ set, including 2 tables a mixer and a sampler. My is how and what kind of speakers do I hook this up to so I can start to learn?

You need an amplifier or a receiver to drive the speakers to the output of the mixer, to the input on the amplifier or receiver, the speaker connect to the speaker connections on the rear of the amp or receiver. The speakers should be able to handle a little more than what the amplifier puts out. I recommend our Sound Starter Package.

Hook up & Scratch Now!

Please can you send tip about scratching; Please?!?!
DJ Demondace

The best tip is to start out with Direct Drive Turntables. Remove the Rubber Mat from the Platter and use a good Felt Slipmat. Good Cartridges are a must such as the Stanton Trackmaster or Stanton Groove Masters or Ortofon Cocord Nightclub! The tools you use are extremely important in determining how good you scratch. If you watch the Chris Rock DJ Show on HBO, You’ll notice that Grandmaster Flash uses the Gemini KL-10 Scratch Mixer, which is a great buy!

Keep Scratchin’!

What piece of equipment will I need to take the music out of a track and just hear the voice?
DJ Timothy S.

Ther is no one piece of equipment that will allow you to subtract all the music from a track—Any good Graphic Equalizer will allow you to lower certain Frequency Bands but some of the music will still bleed through.

Go Mix ‘Em!

How do you know what type of turntables to get for scratchin’/mixin’?

I recommend any Direct Drive Turntable as they start up and stop faster. They are also more reliable for scratching than Belt Driven Turntables. If you can afford, I suggest Technics 1200’s. They are real fast and a great buy!

Spin ‘Em Fast!

I’m a DJ starting out, and I’d like to know what’s the difference between Belt-Driven Turntables and Direct-Drive Turntables. And which one is better?
Thank you 4 your time,

Belt-Driven Turntables are driven by a rubber belt similar to the one that’s on your vacuum cleaner. The belt wraps around the platter and connects to the motor wheel. A Direct Drive Turntable is better and faster because it sits directly on the motor itself. Therefore it will stop on a dime and come upto speed quicker.

Keep ‘Em Turnin’!

When I first started scratching and stuff, I mean those were the first records I got like…..dirt style records up on cali. Anyway, I watch DJ’s scratch their hearts out and leave me puzzled with the sounds they come up with. I’m just now getting the flow to where I get beatz yah know and can come up with some ill-straight scratching. not some abstract sounds. just curious. Just some tips Ya know from DJ to DJ.
Keep it Real,

My best advice is to invest in the Turntable Mechanics Workshop Video. It details the starting techniques and skills needed to Get Up and Scratch!

Get Up and Scratch!

Hello. Whats UP. I like your DJ Tips. I hoping if u could make tips for scratching and what’s the best buy from beginner to professional equipment. I hope u could make those tips and thanks for ur cooperation.
Yours Truly,

The best advice I can offer on scratching is to develop a very lighthand. The less pressure you put on the plater, the better. If you plan on upgrading to a better DJ setup, the only professional piece of equipment you need to buy is Technics SL1200-II. Any other piece of equipment can be regular. If you need more info, you can call me at (800) 730-5984.
Keep Playing Hard!