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If you’re having trouble hooking up your DJ Setup, I will be glad to give you some tips.

First you need to put your turntables on a stable surface.
Next set your mixer down. Now you gotta connect your table on the left to the phono line 1 on your mixer and the right table to phono line 2 on the mixer.
Then take your ground wires on both tables and connect the wire to the ground screw in the back of the mixer.

Next run your RCA Cable from the Amp line on the mixer, (or some mixers it could say output as well) to the Amp or Receivers input line (CD, AUX, line).
If you have a tape deck, you can use it through your mixer as well. Just use the Record Out on your mixer to the Rec line on your tape deck and the playback line on your tape deck to any line channel on your mixer.

Hooking Up A Sampler the Easy Way!

Follow these easy steps to hook up your sampler. You’ll be ready in no time at all!
If you have a Sampler unit of some sort, and would like to implement it in your daily mixing it’s easier than you think! Here are the steps to get you started!
Just look in the back of your Sampler. You will see an Input Line and an Output Line.

So what you do is as follows: From your Mixer take the Record Out or the Booth Out and run that to the Input of the Sampler. Now you can sample anything you are playing, through your Mixer!

Next you run Output of your Sampler to the line on your Mixer.