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We here at DJ Robert Alan Steve will show you how fun it is to get started being a DJ. At times you can use some help and that’s hard to get! So We at DJSTEVEH have come up with an easy solution to that. We call it the helpful DJ TIPS SITE. Give it a try!

New tips will be posted all the time. Our site is booming at a very rapid pace. We will have weekly contests and free give-aways! Everything will be up and running in a very short time. Keep coming back!!!

If you don’t see something pertaining to your need, or you wish to suggest a topic for a DJ Tip, feel free to E-mail us djtips@DJSTEVEH.com and leave a suggestion for a new tips topic. We will gladly consider all suggestions!

If you have any questions that you would like addressed immediately, you can ask “DEAR DJ”. We will soon have a DEAR DJ BULLETIN PAGE on the DJSTEVEH. You can E-mail us deardj@djgearsource.com any qestion you might have and our DJs will answer them for you. You will find your questions and answers posted on the DEAR DJ BULLETIN PAGE within a few days. All you’ll need to do is visit our site and go to the DEAR DJ BULLETIN PAGE to find your question and answer posted!

If you don’t have E-mail you can fax us toll free (800)733-5284 or (718)822-0284 and we will still post it to our DEAR DJ BULLETIN PAGE!